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The Fynbos trail is a unique nature experience in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom that can be undertaken as a fully guided and catered slackpacking trail or as a self-guided and catered trail. This trail, just two hours from Cape Town and close to Hermanus Overberg, has a two or three night option and takes hikers along a beautiful stretch of trail through coastal and mountain fynbos, remote forests and visits some fascinating environmental and social projects along the way. Ideal for those looking for a walking holiday in Cape Town, South Africa.

What are people saying

All in all it was a truly outstanding excursion through the fynbos at its finest, over hill and dale – forests over 1 000 years old – waterfalls, streams, lovely rickety bridges and incredible views towards Cape Agulhas and back towards Cape Point – the bays of Walker, Betty’s and False and the mountains overlooking them. The scents of the myriad plants and the earth combined with the visual splendour and the exceptionally good company amounted to an absolute assault upon the senses that left us breathless (the ascent of the hills added to that sensation). Our accommodation was clean, comfortable and, while not 5*, very, very adequate and quite in synch with the nature of the whole experience; the company and the buzz over meals and drinks added to the whole feeling of this being a very special experience – not the least of which were the knowledge, affability and communication skills of our guides who certainly re-affirmed my love and awe of nature and the symbiotic reliance of life on this planet (it’s just us humans who muck it up…).

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